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Topic: Pain

Author: Larry Ely (Youth Pastor)


A few summers ago, I was at Kings Island amusement park with some students. We were totally pumped to ride one of the newer rollercoasters called the Banshee. We got in line and watched the people scream as the rollercoaster twisted, turned, and flipped around the track. “That looks sooooo […]

Parasailing Morons

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Topic: Stupidity (Knowledge vs. Understanding)

Author: Larry Ely (Youth Pastor)


I like watching extreme sports and a while back I was watching this old show called “Max X” where they basically show clips of people doing insanely sick & crazy stunts and then totally mock them & make fun of their stupidity. So on this episode these crazy […]

Be Happy!

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Topic: Joy

Author: Caleb Masula (Jonathan Alder H.S.)


I used to hate Saturdays. Every Saturday, (after I watched my morning cartoons, of course,) my dad would make me help him out with projects around the house. I thought that it was very unfair! I thought, “Why should I have to help fix the sink when I could be having […]

Makin’ Bank $$$

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Topic: Money

Author: Josh Dawkins (Bradley H.S.)


“I don’t need all of this money. I already have enough.” … said no one ever. Everything is run by money. If you want something, your parents probably told you to save up and buy it yourself. Some things to think about are…

  • How much money do you earn in a […]

Do You “Feel Invincible”?

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Topic: Trust

Author: Mike Donelson (Teacher @ Upper Arlington)


I couldn’t help but feel energized as John Cooper of Skillet belted out the chorus of “Feel Invincible”, the lead track of the band’s current album, Unleashed. “You make me feel invincible. I feel it, I feel it. Invincible.”


Despite feeling the energy of the song, I struggled to […]

Destiny: Light vs. Dark

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Topic: Destiny

Author: Devon Ely (Memorial M.S.)


“For centuries we feared the forces of darkness massing against us. We sought to hide & cower… no more. These Guardians show us what we are, what we have always been, and what we will be again. We are what remains of the light, and we will not be stamped […]

If I Were Queen of the Forest

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Topic: Fear

Author: Tina Ely (Youth Leader)


If I were a character from the Wizard of Oz, I would be the cowardly lion. The lion, supposed king of the forest, was so afraid even his own tail would scare him. He hid from danger, cried when confronted, and shook with fear at the mere sound of the wizard. But he […]

The Dollar Menu

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Topic: Perspective

Author: Larry Ely (Youth Pastor)


I walked up to the counter at Wendy’s and ordered a double cheeseburger, fries, and a small Dr. Pepper. The gal asked me “Would you like to Biggie size that?” I think about it…tempting, but “No thanks.” When I get the drink I noticed that it’s a medium. Well, it […]