Soccer & Faith

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Topic: Teamwork

Author: Tony Giovarelli (Youth Leader)


As a soccer goalie, I had four defensemen in front of me with the job of setting the line and preventing any offensive player from getting through to attempt to score. Constant communication between myself and the defensemen, allowed us to defend as one cohesive unit. If one person made a mistake, it […]

Dancing for the Lord

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Topic: Fear & Freedom

Author: Sydney Francis (Donelson M.S.)


Since I was three, I have been dancing. Dancing is not only my hobby, but it’s also my passion. I have enjoyed and performed many different kinds of dance including: ballet, lyrical, acro, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, & point. My favorite type of dance is contemporary & jazz. My […]

Football & Faith

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Topic: Discipline & Honor

Author: Tyler Francis (Donelson H.S.)


I have played football since I was six years old. This upcoming season will be will be my senior year of high school football where I play Tight End and Defensive End for the DCA Wildcats. I love football because of the brotherhood, the physical freedom, and intense […]

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