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PART 1: 

  • DAY 1: MOTIVATION featuring Coach Vince Lombardi & King David.
    • Key Question: What motivates you to lead?


  • DAY 2: PURPOSE featuring Sean Covey & Joshua.
    • Key Question: Why is character so important to our leadership?


  • DAY 3: VALUES featuring John Maxwell & Jesus.
    • Key Question: What does Jesus’ sacrifice mean to you?


  • DAY 4: STRATEGY featuring Volvo & Nehemiah.
    • Key Question: As we lead others, why does HOW we get there matter so much?


  • DAY 5: THE ENEMY featuring Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & the Devil.
    • Key Question: How can we fight the pull of darkness and let God’s light shine through us?


PART 2: 

  • DAY 1: POWER featuring Tug-of-War & Abraham
    • Key Question: What does it take to invite God into your leadership, and release control to Him?


  • DAY 2: PERSPECTIVE featuring Telescopes & Joseph
    • Key Question: How do you lead well when your circumstances cause you to lose perspective?


  • DAY 3: OUTCOMES featuring Relay Races & Paul
    • Key Question: How can you pass on your leadership to others, and do it well?


  • DAY 4: CREDIT featuring Leadership Frustrations & Moses
    • Key Question: How do you handle your frustrations with the people you lead?


  • DAY 5: CORRUPTION featuring Human Nature & Behavior
    • Key Question: How does having to battle with your own fallen nature affect how you lead?



Posted: June 2023

Excerpts:  from Leadership and Faith: The Art of Leading Well.

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