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Epic Fail

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Topic: Failure

Author: Larry Ely (Youth Pastor)


The Set Up:

Usually, I am pretty good at video games. I can hold my own playing Call of Duty, Halo, Destiny, Battlefront, Madden, and most racing games. On this particular day, my kids talked me into playing a new game they have been enjoying called Fortnite. It is a third […]

Basketball & Faith

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Topic: Priorities & Hard Work

Author: Kip Burmeister (Darby H.S.)


I am a huuuuuuge basketball fan! I like most sports, but hoops has a special place in my heart. I love basketball because it’s a sport that allows you to play with teammates but at the same time develop yourself as an individual player. I played Forward […]

A Reason to Worship

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Topic: Worship

Author: Thomas Eagle (London H.S.)


One of my favorite hobbies is playing the guitar. I enjoy playing by myself and I especially enjoy playing with a band or with a small group. Guitar has given me a way to express myself through music & worship and has given me many friends because of […]

Soccer & Faith

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Topic: Teamwork

Author: Tony Giovarelli (Youth Leader)


As a soccer goalie, I had four defensemen in front of me with the job of setting the line and preventing any offensive player from getting through to attempt to score. Constant communication between myself and the defensemen, allowed us to defend as one cohesive unit. If one person made a mistake, it […]

Entertainment & Faith: How Do They Fit?

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Topic: Entertainment

Author: Kai Burmeister (Darby H.S.)


In 2015, the average Netflix user watched for 1 hour and 33 minutes per day, according to This adds up to around 2 days out of every month and almost 24 days out of every year! This is only one of the many entertainment services available to us everyday. […]

Dancing for the Lord

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Topic: Fear & Freedom

Author: Sydney Francis (Donelson M.S.)


Since I was three, I have been dancing. Dancing is not only my hobby, but it’s also my passion. I have enjoyed and performed many different kinds of dance including: ballet, lyrical, acro, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, & point. My favorite type of dance is contemporary & jazz. My […]

Fishing & Faith

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Topic: Faith & Action

Author: Dan Ely (Biologist & Fish Whisperer)


I was so excited to go on the long awaited deep sea fishing trip to Acapulco, Mexico. I could hardly sleep as I lay in bed waiting to get up with the sun and board our charter fishing boat with my best friend from high school. The […]

Surfing & Faith

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Topic: Perseverance & Patience

Author: Dan Ely (Mentor & Friend)


When I was 10 years old my family moved from Dayton, Ohio to Redondo Beach, California. Our house was on a hill and from the living room window I could see the Pacific Ocean about a mile away. I was so excited to try out the beach […]

Faith & the Force

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Topic: Faith

Author: Ian Miller (Youth Leader)


In the ‘70s, American film-goers were introduced to Luke Skywalker, a teenaged moisture farmer living on a desert planet and dreaming of getting away to see the galaxy and fight the Galactic Empire. His story doesn’t go the way he expects, but he ends up getting his wish and he […]

Happily Ever After

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Topic: Relationships/Dating

Author: Keilah Tawney (Bradley H.S.)


Movies upon movies are filled with the perfect couples. The Prince (who happens to be perfect) always finds his true love, his Princess (who is always very beautiful). It is easy for me to watch these relationships and hope for my Prince to come. It is easy to hope that […]

Double-Booked for Life

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Topic: Over Commitment

Author: Alyssa Masula (Jonathan Alder H.S.)


I have to keep busy. I can’t survive without somewhere to be, something to do, something to devote myself to. I don’t know what to do with free time in my life. I thrive in times of stress and I feed on the pressure of perfection. I multitask […]

Perfectly Impossible

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Topic: Perfection

Author: Keilah Tawney (Bradley H.S.)


“Do your best”. Many people in my life tell me this and that my effort is what is most important. I believe my “best” should be 100 percent, but why don’t I achieve perfection in everything? Am I not trying hard enough? Not putting in enough time? Not capable? I […]