Recommended Books:

Spiritual Growth:

  • Student Articles: need something fresh to read? Check out these topics & articles by fellow students & leaders.
  • Soul Fuel: want to spend some time with God- get a weekly dose of God’s Word sent to your inbox from Dare2Share
  • InWord: teen devotionals- here’s a great way to connect with God

Campus Outreach:

  • SYATP: See You at the Pole global day of prayer.  Here are some resources to participate or to help plan a SYATP prayer rally at your school.  (Tips, Ideas, Images, Promo, Q&A, and Guidelines)
  • Faith Groups: Help lead a Bible study group at your school.  Talk to a local Youth Leader to find out if one is happening on your campus or to get resources for starting one.
  • Share Your Faith: Check out the video “Life in 6 Words” by the artist Propaganda from Dare2Share.  It explains the G.O.S.P.E.L. in a super cool & fresh way. Then share it with your friends or download the app.

Personal Issues:

  • Crisis Help: got stuff in your life you’re not sure how to deal with? Check out these topics. (Got a friend in trouble? Suicide Prevention Teen Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK)
  • Accountability Groups: need some help staying on the right path? Start an accountability group and pull some friends together to lean on.


  • Entertainment Reviews: get the latest movie, dvd, TV, video game, & music reviews from a Christian perspective. Not sure if that movie is worth seeing…check it out here first. You may not agree with the review, but at least you will be learning to make wise choices.