Top 10 Ways to Volunteer:

1.FUSION Nights: Tuesdays 6:30-9:30 pm (twice a month/bi-weekly)

  • Life Group Leader: help lead a small group discussion & prayer
  • Game Guru: plan & lead group games and team building exercises
  • Tech: help run the sound system, computer, lights, and AV
  • Friend: hangout & build friendships


2.AMPLIFY Events: 6:30-9:30 pm (Once a month- 1st Tuesday of the month)

  • Help lead, plan, & create an outreach event


3.FAST FOOD: Wild Card Weeks 6:30-9:30 pm (One Tuesday a month)           

  • Help lead, drive, or facilitate an individual event.


4. WORSHIP BAND: Morph 180 (2- 4 hours weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Gig: bring your band and come lead us in worship (1 time deal or regularly)
  • Worship Leader: point person to organize, lead, & develop a teen band
  • Musicians & Vocalists: play in the band with the teens & develop them


5.MENTOR/DISCIPLER: (2-3 times a month)

  • Friendship Building: invest in a specific teenager
  • Accountability: meet together one-on-one & go deeper
  • Disciple: mentor a new believer and work through spiritual growth materials


6.EVENT CHAPERONE, DRIVER, SPONSOR (Occasional/Seasonal)           

  • Chaperone or Driver: be on call to help lead, drive, or facilitate an individual event.
  • Trip Sponsor: be on call to be a trip leader or cabin counselor (cost: free)


7.SPORTS Ministry: (Saturdays in the Summer- approx. 10:00-2:00)

  • Coaches, Referees, Team Leaders, Game Facilitators, Tournaments


8. BIBLE STUDY: Truth 4 Life (days & times vary)

  • Donut Club: help lead a topical study for 7-8th grade (4th Sunday of the month)
  • (During the morning worship service 10-11:30 am)
  • Study Leader: lead a themed Bible study at a designated teenager’s house (6-8 weeks)


9.SECRET AGENT: Behind the scenes person (Once a month or once a quarter)

  • Food: make or bring snacks & drinks for an event (1 time deal)
  • Prayer: pray for our students, leaders, meetings, & events (pick a month to pray)
  • Encouragement: encourage the team of youth leaders (1 time deal)


10.FUNDRAISING ORGANIZER: (Once a quarter)           

  • Plan & lead fundraising efforts for trips & activities