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902, 2021

Bounty Hunter

By |February|Categories: All Articles, Redemption, Sin|Comments Off on Bounty Hunter

Topic: Sin / Redemption Author: Larry Ely (Student Ministries) When Disney released the Mandalorian, our family was excited! The four of us crammed onto the couches in the game ...

1603, 2020


By |March|Categories: All Articles, Faith, Salvation|Comments Off on Tattoos

Topic: Salvation Author: Larry Ely (Student Ministries) Every tattoo tells a story: some good, some bad, and some funny. Some tattoos were just a big mistake, but others have profound meaning ...

2106, 2019

Ski Club

By |June|Categories: All Articles, Discipleship, Sports|Comments Off on Ski Club

Topic: Making Disciples Author: Larry Ely (Student Ministries) My dad taught me how to snow ski at Seven Springs ski resort in Pennsylvania when I was very young. I started ...

2006, 2019


By |June|Categories: All Articles, Loving People|Comments Off on Bread

Topic: Love People Author: Larry Ely   Hungry person after hungry person entered the community center today hoping for food. They came for free groceries. A man came alone carrying an empty ...

1806, 2019

The Zip-Line

By |June|Categories: All Articles, Equipped|Comments Off on The Zip-Line

Topic: Equipped Author: Larry Ely   The first time I rode a zip-line, I screamed as I flew though the forest and then started to enjoy the amazing ride. As I emerged ...

1706, 2019

Pets: Good vs. Evil

By |June|Categories: All Articles, Devotion|Comments Off on Pets: Good vs. Evil

Topic: Devotion Author: Larry Ely   Growing up, my favorite pet was my cat “Blacky”.  At the age of 5 or 6, my cat quickly became my best friend. He ...

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