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Bounty Hunter

Topic: Sin / Redemption Author: Larry Ely (Student Ministries) When Disney released the Mandalorian, our family was excited! The four of us crammed onto the couches in the game room, and ate dinner in front of the TV to watch each new episode as it was released. Quickly, quotes from the show like “This is the way”, “I have ...

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Topic: Salvation Author: Larry Ely (Student Ministries) Every tattoo tells a story: some good, some bad, and some funny. Some tattoos were just a big mistake, but others have profound meaning and purpose behind them. In some circles, getting a tattoo can seem rebellious or unholy, but people get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. Often times, people get a tattoo to symbolize ...

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Ski Club

Topic: Making Disciples Author: Larry Ely (Student Ministries) My dad taught me how to snow ski at Seven Springs ski resort in Pennsylvania when I was very young. I started on the bunny slope and progressed to the green hills. I learned how to do the snowplow (make a “pizza” shape with my ski tips pointed inward) and do “S” curves ...

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Topic: Love People Author: Larry Ely   Hungry person after hungry person entered the community center today hoping for food. They came for free groceries. A man came alone carrying an empty box to put food in. A woman came with her kids and put food in her stroller. An older lady in a wheelchair came by and needed some help. I ...

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The Zip-Line

Topic: Equipped Author: Larry Ely   The first time I rode a zip-line, I screamed as I flew though the forest and then started to enjoy the amazing ride. As I emerged from the trees, I became nervous again as the zip-line screamed over Lake Champion and quickly descended to a stop in the water. What a rush! It was super-fun and ...

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Pets: Good vs. Evil

Topic: Devotion Author: Larry Ely   Growing up, my favorite pet was my cat “Blacky”.  At the age of 5 or 6, my cat quickly became my best friend. He played with me, slept with me, and followed me around the house. He came in from outside when I whistled for him. He would find me and comfort me when ...

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